Davenport ConsoleOf interest to many people is the unique Compton Theatre Organ, this organ being built by the John Compton Organ Company to the specification of Mr. Burns. The organ was featured at the opening with Harold Betts at the console. Mr. Betts, from Bournemouth was billed as "five feet of melody", and his signature tune was "Rhapsody in Blue". The organ was of six units, seven ranks, namely, Tibia, Diapason, Flute, Strings x 2, Tromba and Krumet and was installed under the stage in two chambers. The console was placed at the left of the orchestra pit on a lift, enabling the organ to be taken down below pit level and up to stageJoyce Alldred Resident Organist 
for 17 Years from 1966 level. The Davenport Compton was one of only two or three having the Tromba rank. The Compton was also equipped with an electrostatic Melotone unit. This electronic means of tone generation enhanced the organ by simulating such effects as Chimes and Carillon. The Melotone unit was housed in the blower room with the sound being emitted via horn speakers in front of the organ shutters. Over the years featured organists included Ronald Curtis, Victor Emerson, Joyce Alldred, Charles Brown and Michael Holmes.  Joyce Alldred was one of the longest resident organists, from 1966 to 1983, a total of seventeen years. In addition to featured spots the Compton has been used in concert by many international and national organists and has been recorded on disc by Ron Curtis and Joyce Alldred. It has also been broadcast by BBC's Radio 2 "The Organist Entertains". Prior to its removal by The Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust in 1999, who saved it at the eleventh hour, a CD entitled "That's All" was produced by the Trust featuring organists that had some association with the Davenport Compton.


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