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The Granada Connection - Composed by Joyce to mark the connection between Granada Studios Tour and the Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust in deciding to install the Wurlitzer Pipe organ from the Gaumont Cinema, Manchester UK (originally built as a Granada theatre) in projections, as part of the tours complex. This enabled the organ to be called The Granada Wurlitzer, and returned the instrument to the banner of the company which originally ordered it - hence the title. This music has been used by the London College of Music for the Grade 7 examination for Home Organ.

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Celebration March - The second march composed by Joyce. This composition is to celebrate the installation of of the ex. Paramount/Odeon Wurlitzer, latterly in Manchester's Free Trade Hall. This installation was officially opened in November 1999, as part of the Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust's "Wurlitzer 2000" celebrations.

Copyright 1999 - Joyce Alldred £3-75 inc. p&p



"THE HOPE - JONES" MARCH -  Joyce Alldred  A March written by Joyce Alldred L.L.C.M. to mark the opening of The Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust's Theatre Organ Heritage Centre and Museum, at Peel Green, Eccles. The Museum houses one of the finest collections of the work and memorabilia of Robert Hope-Jones, acknowledged as the father of the Wurlitzer.

Copyright - Joyce Alldred 2010  3.75. inc P & P

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"MRS. JOPLIN'S RAG" -  Joyce Alldred  

A catchy new piece suitable for either piano or organ

Copyright - Joyce Alldred 2012  3.95. inc P & P

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PARADE of the PIPES -  Joyce Alldred  

Dedicated to Finnish Church Organist Marko Hakanpaa. This piece combines Classical and Theatre

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