I regret to have to say that due to a marked deterioration in the hand on which I have had so much surgery in the last two or three years, I feel that I have no option but to announce my retirement after almost fifty years as a professional organist.

I know that this is going to leave a very big void in my life, and I shall miss the preparation and presentation of my concerts   I shall also miss the travelling, the opportunity to play the magnificent theatre organs installed in some lovely venues,  and last but not least, I shall miss meeting members of the audiences, and also the teams who look after the organs with such dedication.

I shall continue with my teaching, which I find very rewarding, and I hope that my legacy to the Theatre Organ World will be the very high quality performances of my students, some of whom are just emerging onto the concert scene.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me over the years, and hope people will accord the same support to my students.

In particular I would like to publicly thank my husband David, who has always been there with support and encouragement. 

I have forged many wonderful friendships in Britain and around the world during my lengthy career, and for that I am grateful.

Again, I thank all who have supported me, and send you all my very best wishes, and hope that we shall meet up again somewhere along the way.


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