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"The Tart With A Cart" (c)

This is one of Joyce's own compositions, with reference to Molly Malone, recorded on the 4/20 Wurlitzer installed in Manchester's Free Trade Hall, England from 1977 until 1997, and is taken from the CD "Presidents on Parade" an L.T.O.T recording and recorded prior to the closure of the Free Trade Hall. Following the closure the Wurlitzer was removed from the Free Trade Hall, completely refurbished, and re-installed in the Ballroom of Stockport Town Hall, Stockport, England. This installation is now recognised as one of the finest installations World-Wide.

The photograph below left is of the Console in the Free Trade Hall and on the right as it is now in Stockport Town Hall



Click here to hear Joyce play "The Mightiest" 5/59 Wurlitzer in the Wurlitzer headquarters, De-Kalb, U.S.A. in 1983

This recording was originally on a cassette and has been re-mastered - Please excuse any imperfections.

To find out more about this magnificent instrument Click here The Mightiest




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