Joyce Alldred L.L.C.M.


Joyce started her musical career in her native town of Hyde in Cheshire, UK, taking piano lessons, from the age of seven, with local piano teacher John Burgum, L.T.C.L.(TD). During her teens the pull of the pipe organ saw her taking lessons at the organ of Flowery Field Church, Hyde, with the same teacher.
Joyce's interest in the Theatre Organ was as a result of a visit to the Regal Cinema in Harrogate, Yorkshire, whilst visiting her grandparents in the school holidays. Some years later due to the kindness of George Baker, General Manager of the Gaumont Theatre, Manchester, Joyce had use of the Theatre`s 4/14 Wurlitzer for practice. This eventually led Joyce to taking lessons with Hubert Selby and Frank Gordon. Her Theatre Organ playing started with the ABC Minors Matinees at the Apollo, Ardwick, Manchester, and the Children's Matinees at the Odeon, Sale, Manchester. Joyce often played at Theatre Organ Club and Cinema Organ Society meetings throughout the country, travelling by train and bus to reach venues as far away as London and the South Coast. Joyce was among the first members to join the C.O.S after its inception in 1952 by her teacher Hubert Selby.
Whilst pursuing her career in banking, an opportunity arose for her to take a Summer Season in Shanklin, Isle of Wight on a Selmer Electronic. This residency lasted three years. On returning North, Joyce continued playing Theatre Organ deputising for William Starr at the Plaza Cinema, Stockport, on its unique Plaza Compton Theatre Organ and also playing piano in a dance band.
In 1966 she was asked to appear for three weeks at the Davenport Theatre, Stockport, which became a resident position which she held for 17 years, recording the LP "Organising" in 1973. Following the closing of the Davenport there were many requests for a copy of this LP. Unfortunately the masters of this recording were lost when the recording company ceased trading. However, thanks to the skill of Frank Hare and John Greenwood, a digital recorded copy of a pristine LP was made as a master to produce a cassette of the same title, thereby preserving the sound of this unique Compton organ as it was heard live in the Theatre in the early seventies.
Over the years Joyce has played many of the fine theatre organ installation in the UK prior to the wreckers ball demolishing the theatres and the organs being sold for scrap or broken down to enlarge other instruments. During this time Joyce cemented friendships with some of the late Greats, including, Reginald New, Joseph Seal, Gerald Shaw, and not least Blackpool's Horace Finch, Watson Holmes and Ernest Broadbent.
On visiting America in 1980, Joyce spent time with Gordon Kibbee in Los Angeles where she played the Richard Simonton residence 4/36 Wurlitzer and the 4/36 Wurlitzer in San Sylmar. On visiting Chicago, Joyce spent an enjoyable time playing the largest Wurlitzer ever built, the 5 manual 69 ranks in the corporate headquarters of the Wurlitzer Company in DeKalb, Illinois, which she recorded and which was heard on B.B.Cs. "The Organist Entertains". Joyce has also played in Canada and Holland and has broadcast many times on local and national radio. She has appeared three times at the Frankfurt film museum and made a concert tour of Germany and recorded the Welte organ at the N.D.R. in Hamburg for broadcasting. Joyce continues a busy concert schedule and continues to teach from home with a less hectic schedule. Academic studies are catered for through Associated Board and London College, Joyce is herself a Licentiate of the London College of Music.
In November 1999, Joyce was one of the invited featured organists to open the ex. Paramount/Odeon and latterly Free Trade Hall, Manchester's 4/20 Wurlitzer in it's new home in the ballroom of Stockport Town Hall. For her commitment to the Theatre Organ, Joyce has been elected a Vice President of the Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust. Joyce has recorded items for CDs produced by the L.T.O.T entitled "Presidents on Parade", featuring the Trusts President and Vice Presidents and "Thats All" , a compilation of artists featuring the Compton organ of the Davenport Theatre, Stockport, prior to its closing.


Joyce in concert at one the popular Monday lunchtime presentations at Stockport Town Hall

October 2005

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